My name is Samantha, I'm 18, and American. Feel free to ask me anything!


"i was born in the wrong generation" i say as i steal my grandkids hoverboards because fuck you i was promised these years ago

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i’ll take my chance with aliens before i mess w/ whatever is at the bottom of the ocean

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    French Friend: well, the total cost of me going to Med school is about 406 a year -
    American Friend: THOUSAND?
    French Friend: Um, no. 406 Euro. It sounds a little high but it covers the cost of my textbooks, extra classes and most of my housing. How much is it for you?


i don’t want to be a part of a college system where plagiarism is a worse crime than rape

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*drinks vodka* *gags* “ugh I hate vodka” *drinks vodka*

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harvard: Why should we accept you?

me: I graduated at the top of my class, perfect SAT/ACT, ranked 3rd in my state at tennis, and volunteered over 300hrs at my local hospital.

harvard: Sorry, you haven’t cured AIDS.

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I had a dream last night that Jesus finally resurrected and when white people found out he wasn’t white they arrested him for 2000 something years of tax evasion  

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i do not understand the big obsession with pop punk 

i cant hear you over how much i hate my town

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